Kitchen and bathroom trends for 2014


2014 has barely begun and already we’ve started to map out the newest trends for your kitchen and bathrooms. Take a look at the following creative ideas that designers have come up with to make 2014 an exciting and innovative year.


• Floating shelves: Instead of storing their dishes away in cupboards and cabinetry, more homeowners are choosing to display them as part of the kitchen aesthetic. One way to do that is by using floating shelves, which are designed to be installed on a wall without showing any hardware or stabilizing brackets.

• Black countertops: The sleek look of black granite or quartz countertops has wowed homeowners. Many are choosing to pair it with white or light-colored countertops, but the beauty of black is that it can complement virtually any design.

• Brass, black and gold metals: In everything from faucets to cabinet fixtures, brass, black and brushed gold have become trendier than traditional silver.


• Standalone tubs: Because they take up less space than a traditional tiled-in-tub, many homeowners are choosing to install a freestanding tub. This also frees up space to create a luxurious modern shower. Speaking of which …

• Luxury showers: When it comes to relaxing and unwinding after a tough day, showers are becoming more popular than bathtubs. Look for spacious showers that don’t include a traditional bench seat.

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• Open/glass cabinet doors: This trend also follows the thought process of displaying items instead of hiding them behind a cabinet door. Open and glass cabinet doors can make a room feel bright and airy.

• Smart electronics and appliances: Green, energy-saving items are still popular among homeowners who are looking to save on their energy bill after an upgrade. Technological advances such as touchless faucets, high-efficiency toilets and dishwashers that conserve water are all in high demand.

• Universal design: Universal design has been around since the 1960s but has recently surged in popularity due to the increased emphasis on aging in place. Many homeowners are now designing their homes with aging users in mind; that way, they can continue to live comfortably in their home for years to come. Look for designs that use levers instead of knobs, accessible drawers, easy-to-reach storage and more.

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