Opinion: Marine to the Corps

Words are surprisingly powerful. And, they are far less static in meaning and emotion than we might imagine (or even hope). There was a time that if an envelope in one’s mailbox was emblazoned with the word “important,” that it likely was. Today, it is almost assuredly not significant – in fact, it might was well be stamped “junk mail.” Beyond the changing nature of language, words can also take very different meaning to each listener. Words like religion, progressive, or gay can insight debate for some and carry a neutral significance to others.

This week my inbox found an e-mail whose subject line was Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. To me, each are very powerful and positive words. Together, they are an imperative to open and read the message. I’m glad I did. For nearly 20 years, this group has hosted a golf tournament and dinner to raise awareness, fellowship, and a few dollars to support Marine children left behind as Mom or Dad paid the ultimate sacrifice to our country. On Sept. 11 at Pebble Brook Golf Club those assembled will honor decorated Corporal Lance Thompson. His story is a powerful one. Visit www.mcsf-indy.org and read it for yourself.

What do these words mean to us? Scholarship may conjure the concepts of education and generosity. Foundation might suggest permanence and philanthropy. And, Marine reminds us of service and dedication. Yes, there are many other ways to interpret these words. And, some readings are not so flattering. But is there a way that we can deny the deserved need of a family forever absent the loving hand of mother … or father.

Playing a round of golf or writing a check somehow seems inadequate to ameliorate the reality faced by these families. Yet to show solidarity, and maybe to help just a little, can’t hurt.