Opinion: Summers Past and Present

When I was younger, from a first year Scout fresh from Webelos to an 18-year-old Eagle Scout, summers revolved around Boy Scout Camp. I can remember the jitters of being a first time camper – getting lost on trails, living off the candy at the trading post since the camp food was inedible and the eventual bout of homesickness. But as I matured and grew older, so did my confidence. 

That’s the great thing about camp experiences – meeting new people, learning new skills and gaining new experiences. What I remember most is my growth. I might have been shy that first year, but I soon opened up and met a lot of good people. I went from asking older Scouts for help to dispensing advice. Success was transformed from the number of merit badges I earned to watching younger Scouts achieve theirs because of my assistance. Some skills I learned will stay with me forever; others probably didn’t last longer than the stay at camp (like basket weaving).

The summer camp guide in this edition offers options for preschool to high school senior to enrich their time off from school. The purpose is simple: to provide a comprehensive listing of what is out there. From sports camps to 4-H, learning Latin to model rockets, it’s amazing what offerings are available in Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

As we start to see green grass again, it’s not too early to think about summer – especially when it means time at the pool and bonfires with s’mores.


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