Westfield Police Department hires bilingual officer

Officer Elias Rebollar was sworn into the Westfield Police Dept. on July 23. (Submitted photo)

Officer Elias Rebollar was sworn into the Westfield Police Dept. on July 23. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Elias Rebollar

It’s an honor to be a Westfield Police officer. It’s a dream come true for me. I was sworn in July 23; that day represents so much more to my family than just my first day on the job.

I am a first generation Mexican-American. My parents moved to the United States from Mexico looking for a better place to live, raise a family and achieve the American dream. After several jobs and numerous moves throughout the United States, my family set up roots in Indianapolis.

It wasn’t easy. My brother, sister and I were the ones teaching my parents. My parents’ formal education stopped at the age of 6. They didn’t know how to speak English or how to help me with my math homework or even how the school system worked.

My mother always encouraged us to go to college, knowing they couldn’t afford the tuition. I worked hard and achieved a full ride scholarship to attend Indiana University. I am the first person in my entire family, immediate and extended, to have a college degree.

I’m still learning the ropes and I hope to be through the process and in my own patrol car in a few months. I hope to add value to the department as an officer as well as add value to the Hispanic community in Westfield.

I’m anxious to move to Hamilton County, and live near my fiancé. We look forward to starting our lives together as a family in such a great community. Please say hi if you see me around.

Officer Elias “Eli” Rebollar is a member of the Westfield Police Dept. He may be reached at 804-3200.