Westfield Washington Schools to make up hours not snow days

Westfield Washington Schools Supt. Dr. Mark Keen informed parents that he has requested permission from the Indiana Dept. of Education to extend school days in order to make up non-waivered school cancellations.

Keen wrote in his Feb. 7 letter that permission to extend days will be granted by the IDOE.

“We are working on a strategy to make up the time and will release the plan no later than Feb. 14,” he stated. “While this may cause some adjustments to non-school schedules, the instructional benefit for students is enormous. Making up hours instead of days will allow us to cover more material prior to ISTEP+ and the End-of-Course Assessments. Plus, we will be able to better prepare students who are taking Advanced Placement exams for college credit.”

Westfield Washington students have four days (24 hours) to make up. Keen said the intention is to “make this time up so that the last day for students will still be May 29.”

“This will allow the high school administrators to check all senior grades and verify eligibility for graduation,” he stated.