Column: Westfield welcomes all with open arms


Commentary by Erin Murphy



Westfield Welcome is a term that was created one year ago. The Westfield Communications Department coined the phrase when a gap was identified; the resident and visitor experience.

Thousands travel from near and far to experience Grand Park. What many of them fail to recognize is they are visiting Westfield, one of the greatest places to live, work and play. Westfield Welcome is the tool that will keep them coming back for more.

If you head out to Grand Park you might notice the orange shirts ready to greet you. The person wearing that shirt is most likely a Westfield resident excited to show off one of the largest sports parks in the nation. That volunteer is eager and willing to share their wealth of knowledge about all things Westfield. Whether it be the nearest place to get gas or directing Grand Park visitors to see and experience downtown Westfield.

Westfield Welcome is not just for the visitor. Residents can find out all things Westfield from the schools to the chamber and everything in between.

Want to get involved? Email Westfield’s Hospitality and Volunteer Coordinator, Erin Shockley, at Want to know more? Head to Facebook or Twitter and search “Westfield Welcome”. There, you can get a good sampling of all things Westfield. Soon you will be able to check out our website, which will have everything you ever wanted to know;

Come explore Westfield with us!

Erin Murphy is the communications director for the City of Westfield. Contact Erin at or 804-3004.


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