Westfield Fire Department first to use digital screens in nation

An example of the digital media screens used by Westfield firefighters. (Submitted photo)

An example of the digital media screens used by Westfield firefighters. (Submitted photo)

By Anna Skinner

The first in the nation to do so, the Westfield Fire Department has installed new digital media screens in all of its fire stations, using the Public Safety Information Network, or PSIN, for communications within the department.

On July 17, each of the city’s three fire stations received a screen, ranging in size from 27 to 60 inches.



“We added these to help us communicate with the employees the information that is needed for daily operations,” Chief Joe Lyons said. “That means information from daily weather, weather radar, schedules for Grand Park, and directions on how to get to a run. The digital screens display all internal and external communications in one accessible location at each fire station.”

Of all the municipalities in the U.S., an employee of the digital media company that makes the screens, Wondersign, is a family member of one of the Westfield’s firefighters.

The company approached the fire department saying they had a product that they believed could be used for Grand Park. By observing the sports complex’s schedule, firefighters will have a better idea of how many runs they will need to make out to the park each day.

“We started looking at the program and thought we could use it for ourselves,” Lyons said.

Even though Wondersign specifically created the technology for fire departments, Lyons said he has also spoken with a police chief from northern Indiana who is interested in using the screens for the police force.

Carmel’s Fire Department has already followed suit and is beginning to install the screens in their stations.

“PSIN provides useful information at a glance to these men and women serving the public,” Andy Reinhard, Wondersign CEO, stated. “We are very excited about this successful first implementation.”


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