Family business: The Wolf family will open two restaurants in Westfield


By Anna Skinner

The restaurant business and family ties have always played a big part in the Wolfs’ lives. With three Wolfies Grill restaurants already established throughout Hamilton County, the Wolfs are bringing not one, but two restaurants to join Westfield’s ranks.

With their new Italian style restaurant, The Italian House, 219 Park St., opening last month and their fourth Wolfies Grill opening Nov. 23 at 137 W. Main St., the Wolfs are quickly making a footprint in Westfield.

“With Westfield, we see it as a huge opportunity with huge growth coming to this area,” Nyla Wolf said. “The whole idea of what’s happening with Grand Junction and Grand Park seems to be showing signs of growth and progress, so we wanted to jump on board and start a new concept.”

Nyla said she and husband Scott have always wanted to open an Italian restaurant with a “fun atmosphere, cozy feeling, less hours and with everyone sitting around eating and talking with wine.”

After meeting at Dalt’s in Indianapolis where they both worked years ago, Nyla and Scott got married and have been involved in the restaurant business ever since, starting the first Wolfies Grill in Noblesville in 2004. The Fishers location followed in 2008, and Wolfies Grill in Carmel opened in 2012.

The Wolfs’ kids, Alec and Ansley, have played a part, too. Alec manages the Fishers restaurant, and will be the general manager at the new Wolfies Grill in Westfield once it opens. Ansley bartends at the Noblesville location.

Along with family and food, the Wolfs recently began a ministry to help others, called Restaurant Industry Bible Study.

“Through the success of these restaurants, we have always had a faith in Christ. Our values, morals  and belief are what we owe most of this success to,” Nyla said. “Along with the growth, we have outreached to many employees and guests and have made some great relationships. It was in this I found a passion to open doors to those who may need some help or just a new outlook on life.”

Due to Sundays being a busy restaurant day, Nyla said their ministry will take place on Wednesday nights. R.I.B.S. debuted Nov. 11 with live music from My Yellow Rickshaw. Nyla encourages those interested in joining the ministry to stop by any of the family’s restaurants to learn more.

“We’ve used my dad’s testimony, his success and its way to get people together and teach them about faith and what we believe in to get us where we are today,” Alec said. “It gives them some hope in an industry that produces hard times from the fast money.”

Throughout the five restaurants, there are approximately 180 staff members.

“Our ultimate goal is that we consider our staff as family, and these businesses are more of an outreach. We take kids in. We help them,” Nyla said. “The more restaurants we have, the more people we feel that we can impact.”

The Wolfs described Wolfies Grill as a sports grill and bar and The Italian House as donning a quiet and cozy atmosphere.

“Wolfies has more of a northern lodge atmosphere with stone fireplaces, and The Italian House is more homey,” Alec said. “They’re all unique in one way or another. It’s not cookie cutter.”

Meet the Wolfs

Hobbies: The family all lives within a mile of each other and enjoy family activities.

Parents: Scott and Nyla

Kids: Alec, 28, and Ansley, 30

Wolfies Grill price range: $7-14

The Italian House price range: $12-19

Busiest season: June through August