Column: Build a meaty grilling station

  • IO-0630- Randy Sorrell
    (Submitted photos)
  • IO-0630- Randy Sorrell2

THRILLING … the one word description of the featured grill station! It hardly seems meaty enough though. The bold confidence required to implement the first few phases of this modern project (not contemporary) was both gutsy and visionary.

The incredibly versatile and forward materials selected are reminiscent of a favorite magazine spread featuring an outdoor living space you may recall. While edgy, it rings of historical spaces we often experience in dense metropolitan vibes, where real estate is precious and a rare stroke of grass is coveted.


Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood, often environmentally farmed, whose longevity will certainly span our children’s lifetime. The density and weight has a steel quality about it, especially when it’s time to cut or drive a nail through. Disney employs the wood often for ease of maintenance, its sleek beauty and generational duration. It’s gorgeous and intended to gradually turn a naturally silver hue.

Both the counter surface and the facade of the grill station were built using ipe with a heavy steel post anchoring the end of the bar height counter. Ipe and steel are repeated elsewhere in the design, but you will have to wait on that encounter. Lust away.


Detailed planning married with strong horizontal lines and eliminating curves causes this abbreviated courtyard to live much larger than it actually is. There is a gentle embrace of the space.

I can’t wait to share the final phases we’ve completed. You will be thrilled with the story.