Column: Have a holiday hangover?

Commentary by Corey Black



Feel like you have had too much to eat and too much of the wrong kinds of food this holiday season? We often loosen the belt for holiday celebrations, which means big meals, lots of sweets and extra helpings of deserts, and who can forget the eggnog.

It’s a great time to relax and enjoy, but I think we can all say we all have a bit of a holiday hangover, feeling sluggish and heavy. It’s now a great time to reset your body with an herbal cleanse. This will have the benefit of feeling lighter, refreshed, and you’ll get a tune up of the body’s systems with a healthier metabolism and energy.

Combined with a healthy diet including fresh green foods, fruits and sources of fiber, an herbal cleanse will work to release retained water, flush toxins built up in fat stores and cleanse and support the overworked liver. Key supplements to look for in an herbal cleanse are dandelion root, chlorella and milk thistle.

Dandelion root is a natural diuretic that stimulates the release of retained water from the body, which can be several extra pounds particularly if the diet has been rich in sodium. Along with drinking plenty of fluids, this helps flush the body during the cleansing process.

A type of fresh water green algae, chlorella has the ability to bind to chemicals and toxins and allow the body to easily discrete. Chlorella extracts are mix of amino acids, vitamins, sugars and nucleic acids that also have the benefit of helping produce good bacteria that supports healthy digestion.

Milk thistle is an herb with potent antioxidants called flavonoids that help support liver cell function and reduce inflammation, and will help the liver repair and regrow. A healthy liver can more optimally perform its functions for digestion, metabolism and immunity.

So if you are feeling that holiday hangover, an herbal cleanse will help push your body’s reset button and get a start in the New Year with a healthier you.

Cory Black is the owner of PointBlank Nutrition in Carmel. He may be contacted at 569-5368 or