Column: Spotlight on Shaw LifeGuard carpeting stain-proof

LifeGuard Carpeting means heavy amounts of liquid are unable to soak through. (Submitted photo)

LifeGuard Carpeting means heavy amounts of liquid are unable to soak through. (Submitted photo)

So, you’ve decided to renovate your home and install some new carpeting. There’s a lot to consider in terms of construction, material and functionality. Where should you begin? Well, one of the biggest drawbacks of carpeting is the fact that stains and spills can cause permanent damage to the carpet or to the cushion underneath. So, if you’re currently sharing a home with pets, children or housemates that are accident prone, a stain proof carpet option may be worth a look.

Stain-proof carpet is specially made carpet that repels dirt, liquids and other messes (including pet accidents). Generally, this is achieved by treating the carpet with some kind of topical chemical coating. At the Affordable Companies, we are always on the lookout for standout products to spotlight and recommend to our clients. Recently, Shaw Floors have debuted a new stain-proof carpet called LifeGuard, which features an innovative liquid-blocking design. Many stain-proof carpets come with a chemical coating that protects the fibers of the carpet from liquids, dirt and other spills. However, those liquids and spills can quickly soak through the carpet where they find a permanent home in the carpet cushion.  Carpets treated with Shaw’s LifeGuard system have a built-in barrier that also shields the backing or cushion as well.

With LifeGuard, even heavy amounts of liquid are unable to soak through and cause damage to your padding or subfloor. This means you will not have to worry about unwanted odors from mildew or pet accidents permeating through your carpeting. And the added layer of protection in the backing means that it will not wear down like carpets only treated topically.

Installing the new carpet is a fairly simple process, because the carpet is more flexible than other models. This makes it easier to manipulate, stretch, trim and slide into place. Additionally, cold temperatures will not affect the installation process, which is good news during these chilly winter days.

Replacing your flooring is a savvy way to add value to your home, especially when you select a durable option like stain-proof carpeting. See for yourself. Visit to see a video of the LifeGuard carpeting in action.  Products will be hitting stores soon. For more information, contact The Affordable Companies at 575-9540.