County provides free sand bags in light of weekend flood warning

On June 19, the Hamilton County Emergency Management Dept. announced that free sand bags will be available to all county residents, available for pick up at 1717 Pleasant Street, Noblesville.

According to deputy Bryant Orem, flooding usually begins along the White River near the Riverwood subdivision, Riverwood Campground, and White River Campground and then spreads north and south of Noblesville.

“Low lying farm fields may also be affected,” he stated.  “The White River in Noblesville is expected to crest at over 14 feet (minor flood stage) on Saturday afternoon.  Any flooding is expected to be minor and localized, not widespread.”

There is a flood warning in Hamilton County in affect until Saturday night.

Sand bags will be available Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Emergency Management staff would like to remind the public that even flooding that appears to be shallow is enough to move a full size SUV.