Opinion: Calendar turns and hopes soar

New Year’s greetings, folks! We hope your holidays were fulfilling in multiple ways. As last week’s Current detailed a snapshot look ahead to this year, we’re compelled to offer you one of our own, and it’s a bit different. So without further delay, our top hopes for 2015:

  • Transparency in local government – Never should the citizenry have to wonder if what is being discussed or presented is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The money our elected officials appropriate actually is your money, and the story behind its allocation is as important as the target of is expenditure.
  • Fairness on the campaign trail – The primary election is five months away. There are several races that will be hotly contested. Some mainstays are going to be challenged by newcomers. Just how everyone comports himself and herself will go a long way toward earning the voters’ respect and, perhaps, votes. We’ve seen things turn ugly in our area, and it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • Commitment to the arts – This is not what we’re asking of government; it’s what we are asking of you. There are multitudes of what we call “art outings” in our midst that feature incredible talents in visual, performing, literary and other forms of art. Our independent market research tell us the arts are vitally important to our readership, but sometimes attendance at art-related opportunities is lacking. Make it a point to participate on one or more levels.
  • Having each other’s backs – From I-65 to the west, U.S. 31 in the center and Ind. 37/I-69 to the east, sadly we have thoroughfares that the bad guys recognize as easy getaway routes. If you see suspicious vehicles, persons or criminal activities in our area, let the police know forthwith. We’re all fortunate to live in well-protected communities, but none is impervious. “Deputize” yourself and make a difference.

And now a belated toast to you for a safe, healthful and fulfilling year ahead: Salut!