Opinion: We knew this day was coming

Sometimes it’s really difficult to let go. When we founded our enterprise back in 2006 we had one newspaper, and every ounce of our focus went directly into it. Now, eight-plus years later and on the brink of launching Current in Geist, our sixth title, on Jan. 27, we actually have let go, in a sense. As we continue to grow our company – and we will add titles well beyond Central Indiana – we’re not nearly as immersed in the news and information the papers convey on a weekly basis or that our web sites do “as news happens.” Our time is fairly fractured, and we are pulled in several directions; that’s actually progress. And so we have relinquished control of the content management of all titles to Sophie Pappas, who now is our editorial director. All the managing editors will report to her –a drastic departure for us – because it just makes good sense. Sophie came to us last year, having moved back to Zionsville from Iraq, where she was a freelance reporter for multiple media organizations. An Indiana University graduate, her experience is deep, given her relative youth, and she has distinguished herself at Current in multiple ways as a managing editor of one title and eventually two. In coming around to this decision, we had some give and take with Sophie about where we saw the news organization going, and her vision aligned perfectly with ours. She is a believer in research, which, as you might know, powers our content decisions and has since Day 1. She is as organized as they come, she in inventive and she is a solid leader. Having her at the helm allows us to focus on revenue and growth strategies. We have high confidence in her abilities to take our products to the proverbial “next level.” Sophie will want to hear from you, so send your comments, tips, ideas and otherwise pertinent information to her at sophie@youarecurrent.com. You’ll find her virtual door to always be open. Young lady, the wheel is yours.