Westfield Advisory Plan Commission recap

A rendering of the new bank. (Submitted photo)

A rendering of the new bank. (Submitted photo)

What happened: Huntington National Bank development plan review

What it means: Huntington National Bank plans to build a new 2,686 square foot building at 14921 Thatcher Lane, approximately 1.42 acres in the Village Park Plaza shopping center. The current building, a former TGI Fridays, will be demolished.

What’s next: The review was approved by the APC.


What happened: Sundown Gardens development plan review

What it means: Sundown Gardens (nursery/garden and lawn center) intends to relocate its business to 505 W. 186th St. in 2015. The conceptual plan contains four areas and the first phase of development is the garden and design area and the outdoor showroom/park area. The garden and agritourism business is on approximately 15 acres at the southwest corner of 186th Street and Spring Mill Road.

What’s next: The review was approved.

A cottage home.

A cottage home.

What happened: Amendment to Harmony development ordinance

What it means: Estridge Development Management, LLC requested modifications to the architectural standards applicable to Harmony’s single-family district. Since the adoption of the development ordinance, Estridge has designed a series of homes called the “cottage collection homes” for rear-loading lots. However, the collection does not meet the standards and as a result, this amendment will allow a third option for homes on rear-loading lots to be substantially similar to the “cottage collection homes”

What’s next: The amendment was approved by the APC. To create the space needed, portions of the common area will be converted to private lots with landscape easements.