Chaucie’s  Place Board of Directors Names Interim Executive Director

Chaucie’s Place Board of Directors has named Melissa Peregrin as the nonprofit’s Interim Executive Director while they conduct their search for a permanent Executive Director.  Peregrin currently serves as the organization’s Prevention & Education Coordinator for the Lifelines® Youth Suicide Prevention Program.  Peregrin will continue to manage Lifelines while assuming the responsibilities of the Interim Executive Director.



Toby Stark, who served as Chaucie’s Place’s Executive Director forsix years, resigned last month.  She is however, helping facilitate the transition of leadership.

“With Melissa’s leadership and Chaucie’s Place’s incredibly talented staff, the organization will continue to provide the highest quality of programs for our community,” stated Richard F. Taylor III, Chaucie’s Place Board President. “With Melissa serving as the Interim Executive Director, the board now has the latitude to conduct a very thorough and thoughtful executive search.”

Chaucie’s Place is a nonprofit child advocacy organization that works to prevent child sexual abuse and youth suicide with prevention programs for children, adults and school systems.  Chaucie’s Place offers three prevention programs:  Smart Steps: A Body Safety Program for Children™, which teaches children that their bodies belong to them; they have the right to say “NO!” to unwanted touches from anyone; tell a trusted adult; and abuse is never their fault; Stewards of Children®, a national child sexual abuse prevention program for parents and adults who work with children; andLifelines® Youth Suicide Prevention Program.

Submitted photo and release courtesy of Chaucie’s Place.