Column: Addressing utility bill changes

Commentary by Erin Murphy

Your trash and storm utility bill are changing. The City of Westfield is transitioning to a new software that will be more efficient for city staff and will also allow customers to view e-statements and account information in real time.

These new features will be available in the near future, but what residents need to know now is that the second quarter bill will have a new look, a new nine-digit account number and a new due date for the next bill.

This transition is delaying the billing cycle by a few weeks. Usually the second quarter bill is received by residents in March, however the changes have pushed back the billing cycle until mid-April with payments due at the end of April.

Customers who use automatic (ACH) payments set up through the city should know that their payments will not be processed as they have in the past. For this billing cycle only, these customers will have to pay in person by cash, check or credit card or by going to the city website The city does have a drop box for all after hour payments at 2728 E. 171st St. Customers do not need to update their information as this change in payment is just for the second quarter bill; automatic payments will resume in third quarter.

Customers who pay automatically through their online banking portal will need to update their new account information. The new account number can be found on the next bill which will be sent out around April 15.

While these changes will cause some confusion and frustration it is only temporary. In the end, the billing system will be more efficient and user friendly than ever before. If you have any questions you are encouraged to call customer service at 317-804-3150.