Column: Design a fun patio

Create an ultra-fun feel in your own backyard. (Submitted photo)

Create an ultra-fun feel in your own backyard. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Randy Sorrell

Void.  Sterile.  Green.  But, lacking emotion.  That’s how the previous stroke of lawn could be described.

Vibrant.  Playful.  The updated version is packed with energy.  As well as spacious, durable and functional, which were all requirements for this large family of hormonal and athletic boys.  It seemed somewhat of a humorous warning when the energetic S.T. emailed early last year hoping for innovative solutions and an outdoor living space!


Breaking up oversized patios into separate living spaces is often necessary.  Loosely defining the areas with different materials is an efficient tool, it injects style and minimizes the risk of the patio looking too big.  The premium pressure treated pine deck landing outside the back doors helps in that effort and serves as a transition to the lower level while offering an enthusiastic, linear style to the space.  Large tread steps provide impromptu seating for gathering sports teams and safe passage.

Classic clay pavers announce the dining area and seamlessly flow to the playful crushed stone area where wood fires fuel the fun.  While not for everyone, the cost-friendly crushed stone patio, when correctly installed and compacted, does not migrate into the lawn or home.  It’s an ultra-fun feel.

We simply dig mixing materials and variety.


Notice the bar counter hanging in the background?  A single slab of granite was sourced by Mr. T., mounted on oversized posts with cedar beams and detailed with a shade umbrella drilled through the counter.  It’s very innovative and a family favorite hangout.

And that’s the story of the sexy, crunchy patio.  Overflowing with joy/fun/ emotion … doesn’t that sound great to you?