Column: Details we love

Small choices in  remodeling your home can make a big impact. (Submitted photo)

Small choices in remodeling your home can make a big impact. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by David Decker

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a big project, but it’s the little things that make your remodel stand out. Adding carefully chosen details can elevate the level of style in your home, and make your project look like more than just another kitchen or bathroom.

Here are a few little architectural details we love.

Cabinetry Panels

Cabinets are functional, but they can also be beautiful! We love taking the detail from a cabinet door and carrying it over to the exposed sides of the cabinetry. This small detail adds a touch of elegance, and turns what is basically a “blank space” into something decorative.

Adding Feet

You probably don’t pay much attention to the bottom of your vanity or cabinets, but if you add feet, you can bet people will notice. This thoughtful detail gives your fixtures a more custom look, and makes them look more like a gorgeous piece of furniture than a basic storage area.

Posts, Legs, and Trim

You’ve added elegant details to your cabinets, but what about that center island? We love adding something special to these pieces as well! A well-placed trim, post, or even carved legs on one side makes your island look like more than just a big rectangle in the middle of your kitchen. It’s another great opportunity to make something beautiful out of a unique space.

The best remodeling projects cover all of your big picture items without missing any of the details. Your room can meet all of your day-to-day needs and still be stylish and original.

The Affordable Companies specializes in kitchen and bathroom transformations that are as unique as you are. Our team is dedicated to making sure every detail is exactly the way you want it. Contact us if you’re ready to elevate your home’s style in 2016.