Column: Fire features attract guests

Outdoor fire features can provide entertainment. (Submitted photo)
Outdoor fire features can provide entertainment. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Randy Sorrell

Outdoor fire features are magnets for entertainment. They bring people together and provide an excuse for fun. They develop stories, offer warmth and fuel impromptu episodes of fun.

Most would not imagine that fireplaces/fire boulders/boulder fire pits/fire features had that much responsibility.


Clients often wonder if homeowners actually use their fire features. Most do. Profusely. But it’s certainly habit- and convenience-driven. Fire it up a few times in a planned fashion and watch it flourish into random. That’s when the magic happens. When the laughter begins and friends and neighbors happen to stop by with a bottle of wine. And if they don’t … invite them.

These couple of stone fire features are natural gas-driven, which can be employed as simple starters with a few branches and twigs tossed on for smoky joy or used as the primary flame itself. Natural stone caps add authenticity to the man-made stone face. Delicious sitting walls offer condensed seating and a place to park for a while.

Invitations for fun!