Column: Pergolas: The preferred aesthetic

Sleek drapes fastened to corner posts offer privacy and protection from the sun. (Submitted photo)

Sleek drapes fastened to corner posts offer privacy and protection from the sun. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Randy Sorrell

Think this homeowner isn’t serious about generating shade and privacy? Look closely and discover stylish solutions for each. A few are traditional tools we’ve employed for decades … leafy shade trees and thick evergreens. Others are hybrids created in recent years that activate shade and privacy immediately … think instant gratification.

Pergolas, when detailed correctly, are a preferred aesthetic that also serve to frame views, create dappled shade and cultivate privacy. The 6”x6” cedar posts buried in concrete footers have appropriately sized 2”x12”x20’ beams bolted to them. The predominant shade is cast from the additional 2”x6” overhead members. Painting activates an immediate sense of elegance and confidently marries the structure to the home. This pergola doesn’t cover the entire patio, yet performs nicely.

Notice the sleek drapes fastened to the corner posts? They look sharp, offer a solid barrier of privacy when closed and attacks the sun in the late afternoon after it falls below the pergola beams. Recessed blinds in the beams are another fashionable option.

Notice the historic feel of the blue stone/slate patio surface? This material is timeless. They are forever relevant and always a head turner.

A richly detailed limestone seat wall embraces the fire feature and behaves as a completely separate living space. Limestone and blue stone are classic pairings that we are not able to use often so it’s genuinely appreciated when we can. It requires the right setting, correct home and willing clients who appreciate those elements.

Creating shade and privacy is an essential element for luxurious outdoor living and the America’s patio driven surge has fueled lots of current solutions.