Hamilton County Parks’ placement of historic bridge from 1898 on hold

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    The installation of the historic bridge has now been put on hold. (Submitted photos)
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By Sadie Hunter

A bridge-placement project by Hamilton County Parks and Recreation has been put on hold after technical issues arose during the bridge’s scheduled placement July 20.

But the bridge isn’t new. It’s historic, from 1898, and previously served as the #113 bridge in Washington County. At that, it’s interesting, but for Indiana and Hamilton County it’s also extremely unique.

The 149-foot bridge is the only one of its kind in the state and is an example of Triple-Intersection-Warren-Through-Truss construction.

The bridge was rescued more than 15 years ago, and since it’s been in Hamilton County’s hands, it’s had big plans associated with it – to be set in place over the White River, along the opposing banks of White River Campground and Strawtown Koteewi Park in Noblesville.

“The operation to install Washington 113, which began in the fall of 2015, will require the critical choreography of two massive cranes, the first of which will remain on the west bank throughout the entire project, while the second crane will be moved to the opposite bank during the installation,” said Don Nicholls, resource development specialist for Hamilton County Parks and Recreation.

However, the plan, set to take 12-plus hours to install on July 20, was delayed and later postponed after one of the cranes experienced unforeseen issues, and efforts to repair the crane, which Nicholls said lasted late into the evening, were unsuccessful.

“As of this morning (July 21), the department was notified that continuation of the installation is yet to be determined, due to the uncertainty of the arrival of parts needed for repair of the crane,” Nicholls said. “HCPR recognizes the number of variables associated with such a large-scale undertaking and asks for your patience as measures are being made to complete this highly anticipated bridge placement.  As everyone should understand, safety of all personnel and quality of workmanship associated with this entire project remain a priority.”

A new date and time for the bridge’s installation has not yet been set.