Harvard educator Dan Shapiro to present on negotiation at Grand Park

By Anna Skinner

As a result of a partnership between the Hamilton County Leadership Academy and the City of Westfield, Harvard educator Dr. Dan Shapiro will give a lecture on how best to use the skill of negotiation in daily life.

He will present two identical sessions at 7:30 a.m. and noon Oct. 26 at the baseball administration building at Grand Park, 711 E. 191st St., Westfield.

City of Westfield Chief of Staff Todd Burtron met Shapiro last year when he attended a week-long course in executive leadership at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He then reached out to Shapiro, inviting him to Westfield.

“He has a very practical, academic and research-based approach to human behavior and negotiation and how best to use that in daily life,” Burtron said. “Every day is a negotiation, Every moment of every day is a potential negotiation. A participant or attendee of this will learn we are emotional beings, we cannot not be emotional beings, and realizing the core concerns we have, as Dr. Shapiro will lecture and demonstrate … once we understand what those are, we can better navigate the negotiation and everyone comes out on a winning side. So, whether that is negotiating what restaurant to go to with your significant other or a high-level business contract, if an interested person would like to participate they will be well served by attending this.”

The different city departments will be represented at the seminar, and there is a 70-person capacity at each of the two sessions. Shapiro is the co-author of “Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate.” Shapiro requested the intimate space of the baseball administration building to provide an interactive lecture.

Burtron said HCLA benefits from the presentation partnership, as well.

“It fits within their offering as a leadership academy to give opportunities to current students and alum,” he said. “I think it’s important that we are looking outside the normal, conventional government training and education by bringing somebody with the reputation and essentially the professional biography of a Harvard professor who teaches med school, law school and business school.”

“The Hamilton County Leadership Academy is excited to partner with the City of Westfield in hosting Daniel Shapiro,” HCLA Executive Director Jill Doyle stated in a press release sent to Current. “Negotiating skills are very important in any kind of leadership, including community leadership, and we hope our community takes advantage of learning from one of the experts in this field.”

Burtron said that seating is limited. Accreditation for attorneys and mediators is available. Cost is $100 or $175 for those seeking accreditation. A copy of Shapiro’s book and refreshments are included.

“He’s taken a whole method of negotiation styles and narrowed it down to these five key points for people to focus on and understand, and it’s very integral in what he will teach,” Burtron said.

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