Meet your teacher: John Sterling



High school photography and graphic design.

Number of years teaching: 6.

Background/schooling (college & high school):

Hamilton Southeastern High School, Fishers.

B.A. Purdue University, West Lafayette.

Why did you become a teacher?

I really enjoy guiding students through the creative process, and being able to follow it through to completion is extremely rewarding.

What goals do you have for your students?

I would like for my students to do the best work they can, and be genuinely surprised and proud of what they were able to accomplish.

What do you encourage parents to do at home to help their children strengthen particular skills?

The design process is problem-solving without a defined solution. The confidence gained from making something new or fixing something they didn’t know could be salvaged is incredibly valuable and transferable to so many other aspects of their life.

Name your favorite movie.

Jurassic Park.

Name your favorite musician or band.

The Grateful Dead.

What’s something your students might not know about you?

I have three pet golden poison dart frogs, the most poisonous animal in the world. Also, a Bernese mountain dog named Libbie.