Opinion: A parting glass

Commentary by Jonathan Matthes

Well, here it is, the last installment. I want to say a big thank you for all you who have followed the entire series, or picked it up halfway, or just started. I’ve had a blast, and hopefully you’ve had some fun reading along, too.

If you want more “Inaugurally Addressed,” just incessantly email the editors. Remember, the more obnoxious a little kid is, the more likely the trip to Disney World becomes. But seriously, we’ve come a long way and covered a lot of ground. Robert Todd Lincoln, check. James Buchanan, check. Calvin Coolidge, quadruple check. The next time someone says, “This election is the worst,” you can say, “Well let me tell you about Andrew Jackson.”

But that’s a long enough stroll down memory lane. I thought it’d be nice to offer you these three Hoosier election factoids as a parting glass. Enjoy.

  • Mike Pence could become the fifth Hoosier vice president. Schuyler Colfax in 1868, Thomas Hendricks in 1884, Thomas R. Marshall in 1912 and 1916, and Dan Quayle in 1988 were the other four. I don’t know about you, but that’s more than I thought.
  • Three men with significant Indiana ties have been president: William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Harrison. Benjamin, an Indiana resident, was William’s grandson. Little Ben was 7 when William died, meaning they were all alive at the same time.
  • Indiana has been a part of 50 elections and has been with the winning ticket  37 times. That’s a .740 batting average, or the same as LeBron James’ career free-throw percentage.

Interesting, right?

Anyway, the election is soon. I know we’re all not exactly pumped about the prospects. But if there’s a takeaway from “Inaugurally Addressed,” it’s that we all get to do it again in four years. Whether that’s hopeful or dreadful, I leave up to you.