Opinion: Aftermath: It gets worse

With Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton for president, a number of things have been shaken to the fore, and many of them belong filed under You Can’t Make This Stuff Up:

  • The “leadership” at some of our colleges endorses offering hot chocolate, cancelled exams and therapy dogs to help students traumatized by the election result. What we find traumatic is these students are future leaders of America.
  • The president of the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, is being asked to stop quoting Jefferson by some students and staff, because Jefferson – terribly unfortunately, in our opinion – owned slaves, as did others of his era. Jefferson was the author of the line “all men are created equal” (second paragraph, Constitution). We won’t attempt to explain away his distasteful practices on his plantation, but we do credit him for his attempt, along with other document framers, “to form a more perfect union.”
  • The “peaceful” protests in Portland, Ore., recently netted 112 rioters. Please note that 70 percent of the detained did not vote, according to a report.
  • Calls to abolish the Electoral College continue. They do not take into account the votes of rural America, equally represented with big-city America in the E.C. outcome. With the popular vote as the lone determining factor, campaigns would heavy up in the major metro areas and call it a day. That’s exclusionary, in our view.
  • The blatant hatred and racism from some of both parties’ voters is abominable. Win or lose, we believe it’s best for everyone to give the outcome a chance to succeed, and to work together for the betterment of our nation.

In all sincerity, Happy Thanksgiving.