Opinion: Buffett shows his brilliance

Warren Buffett, billionaire extraordinaire? There is no refuting his financial status. We marvel at his wealth, and we realize we’ll never be in the same rarified air as he. That’s OK. A news item barely surfaced last week about the Oracle of Omaha (or, Democrat from Nebraska), and the mainstream media let it pass without comment, which is why we know he’s a Democrat. If he were a Republican, especially one named Trump, it would have been open season. His mobile-home business foreclosed on more than 8,000 customers in 2015. That’s probably the real “warm and fuzzy” Uncle Warren in action. If he embraces the Democrats, as he has Hillary Rodham Clinton, it’s akin to sleeping with the devil and it calls off the dogs. The mainstreamers won’t give this the ferocity of reporting that a Republican would generate. Think for a moment what would be reported if a Donald Trump-owned mobile home business had done the same, or one owned by the conservative Koch brothers, for that matter. Meanwhile, nary a peep out of Clinton. So, it’s a brilliant move on Buffett’s part. Is this a great nation, or what?

* * *

Lines of the week: “If you tuned into ABC’S ‘This Week’ the morning after Trump’s tremendous victory in South Carolina, you found George Stephanopoulos promising analysis from a “powerhouse roundtable,” by which I assume he was referring to the table itself.” That’s syndicated columnist Ann Coulter. And this from one of our own, with whom we were talking politics and which losers the establishment is backing. “You can’t control winners; you can only control losers.”