Opinion: Give your kid a shot to do it

Long ago, the now-late comedian/genius George Carlin gave an impassioned talk about the (we’ll clean this up to G-Rated) “the wussification of America.” He saw it coming. It has arrived. And it stinks. What brings this to mind are not the hot-cocoa sessions at colleges whose students are upset over the presidential election, but a customer of Current, owner of two retail outlets, who offered us this: “ … kids these days are not responsible. (How about) parents who get involved with their kid’s employer? What the hell is wrong with these parents? One parent came in after his son was let go due to missing work or being late multiple times. He thought that it was OK for his son to lie – when he really wasn’t sick and had other plans, even though he was on the schedule. It just goes on and on.” Let’s call it Generation Thumb Suck, which starts with parenting. Our parents no sooner would have represented us in employment arenas than they would have promised us the moon – and good for them. Newsflash: Sometimes, it’s OK to toss your kid to the “wolves,” to experience real life, and it’s always acceptable to expect your child to be responsible and accountable for his or her actions. “Live and learn,” our parents told us. When today’s parents – which is not to say all parents – insinuate themselves into situations where the child should at least be allowed to attempt to handle it, we shake our heads and feel sorry for the child. What exactly are those parents teaching him or her? Not much on this subject, we believe.