Opinion: GOP: Swing and a miss

The Republican Party leadership has fully blown an opportunity to take down presidential candidate Donald Trump. It could have been a nice, fat softball pitched right over the plate, but no. Instead of having failed former presidential contender Mitt Romney call out Trump for being a “phony” and a “fraud,” it should have had the guy endorse Trump. Yes, endorse him! That would have ended the billionaire’s candidacy right then and there. It should be noted that those of you that support Trump comprise a bunch of “suckers,” according to Romney. Of course, this is the same Romney who gut-punched President Barack Obama in the first of three debates the last time we all were subjected to these gymnastics. He had the sitting leader of the free world on the mat and woozy, and true to Republican form, Romney let Obama up and, well, the rest is history. Suckers, indeed. This is why people like Trump are willing to fight; no one else will. The brass at the Republican National Committee ought to be ashamed of itself for going against the will of the voters. They love to talk about the vaunted Republican brand, but the last decent semblance of a brand the party had, courtesy of former President Ronald Reagan, was churned up and poured into the sewer by the “Bush Dynasty.” Brand? Please! It’s stunning that the GOP is not embracing Trump, the guy that lowered his brand to associate with the national agenda. Bulletin to the GOP leadership: Trump not only is your friend, at this point he is your only friend when it comes to the general election.