Opinion: If we were on the team

Everywhere we go we find ourselves engaged in discourse about the upcoming elections, national and local. It’s difficult to resist commenting and offering our two-cents worth (that’s about all it’s worth, frankly). We’ve been reading recently that Donald Trump apparently is getting some traction with his “the election is rigged” line. Perhaps it’s appealing to some that feel everything in this nation is rigged, with Wall Street, lobbyists, inside-the-beltway “experts”, and other circles conspiring to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. There’s no question there’s a heightened level of frustration out there. And, we are embarrassed, as members of the media, to witness the unprecedented scorn heaped upon the Republican nominee by the “neutral” media. Granted, Trump provides plenty of fodder to feed the media’s anti-Trump diatribe, but, still, it should remain as objective as possible in its mainstream coverage. Otherwise, put opinion where it belongs: on the opinion page. Since this arguably has become the “year of the outsider,” we would encourage Trump to continue talk of a rigged system. But he should go beyond that. He should explain the establishment isn’t against him, but, rather, you, the voter. And keep repeating it. Every member of the establishment – and this includes Republicans – is against anything other than the status quo, and they want Hillary Clinton in the White House, guaranteeing nothing changes. They want their cushy jobs protected. In an attempt to be fair, we offer this advice to Hillary Clinton: Keep cutting Wikileaks’ access to the Internet. The less voters know about the inner workings of your campaign, the better.