Opinion: It’s the best we could do?

Nearly two years ago, we predicted here that Hillary Clinton would win the race for the White House. Polling this week leaves us in doubt about that. Her opponent, Donald Trump, has gained mightily in sampling – not so much because he’s “the answer” but because she is “the question.” With the unraveling of the Clinton machine – what with pay to play, getting debate questions in advance (thanks, Donna Brazile!) and total ineptitude with respect to email statements and servers, among other “attributes” – her campaign is looking sickly as we head for the Nov. 8 vote. Let us be frank: To quote the egomaniacal Trump, having Clinton as president would be a “disaster.” Having him? Questionable. The Clinton machine sinks deeper than any. Former President Richard Nixon was forced from office for the Watergate scandal. We believe that everything Clinton has done – that which has been brought to light, of course – makes Watergate look like Romper Room. Is it rigged, as he suggests? Yes, we believe it is. The Democratic National Committee all but locked out Bernie Sanders, and, of course, there was the feeding of debate questions along with the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch “chat about grandchildren.” Please! Maybe it’s not the corruption that raises eyebrows here anymore, but how stupid the machine believes all of us are. We wouldn’t want her within 100 miles of a seat of power. These candidates are what we as a nation have given ourselves? If there is anything we like about Trump, it’s that he has brought the spineless Republican Party almost to its knees. If there’s anything we regard about Clinton, it’s that she married well. Sadly, that is that.