Opinion: Random thoughts and key question

We sincerely hope your Thanksgiving was fulfilling in many ways. Here is an array of random thoughts cobbled before shipping our papers off to press early:

  • Oxford Dictionaries declared its “Word of the Year” is post-truth. We don’t understand what’s wrong with the truth: It’s “lie,” something at which both major political parties are rather adept.
  • Horrors: Incoming first lady Melania Trump will not be dressed by designer Sophie Theallet, who has provided outfits for outgoing first lady Michelle Obama. Theallet opposes President-elect Donald Trump on many position points, so she is taking her fabrics and is going home.
  • With Trump still needing to complete his cabinet, we were more than a little worried that former presidential vote loser Mitt Romney may be incoming secretary of state by the time you read this. We can’t think of anyone more establishmentarian and devoid of backbone than Romney … outside Jeb Bush, of course.
  • Applause for President Barack Obama, who last week said everyone needs to give Trump a chance, until Trump proves he doesn’t deserve one. That could happen on one or more fronts sooner than later. We shall see.
  • The Wambulance Brigade was circulating a photo on social media of an honest-to-goodness ambulance whose livery was made over as a “crying post” for “millennials, snowflakes and cupcakes.” It was emblazoned with: “All liberals welcome. Coloring books and crayons provided.” Funny stuff at first glance. On second, no need to further the back-and-forth. They will wake up one day – hopefully to a better America.
  • Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence had best decide: Are they going to repeal and replace Obamacare or simply repair it? The messaging isn’t clear, and that’s not good.