Opinion: Twins Panel recap

Commentary By Danielle Wilson

I had the pleasure of participating in a Twins Panel a while back, both as a twin myself and as a mother of twins. So I thought I’d share my responses with you, my adoring fan base. ‘Cause who doesn’t wanted to know more about me?

“Working full-time, do you ever miss your kids?” No. Nor have I ever. Even when I went back eight weeks postpartum after my first born. I do experience guilt, almost on a daily basis, and I occasionally have emotional breakdowns in my car over whether or not I’m a horrible mom for wanting to spend eight to 10 hours away from short people, but I can’t honestly say I ever really miss my kids. Bottom line? I’m a better mom when I don’t have to focus all of my attention on nutritional lunches, laundry apartheid and choosing which day we’re going to contract pink eye from the Children’s Museum.

“With four kids, how do you balance all the activities and still have time for family?” We don’t really. We try our best, but honestly we rarely eat a meal together. With kids in all age groups and at levels where multiple practices/competitions a week are the norm, we are chalking up serious mileage. But studies show that busy, engaged kids are less likely to end up meth addicts or knocked up, so we’re sticking with the crazy.

“Do you ever get to spend one-on-one time with your children?” Sometimes, yes. But generally, no. The car usually provides the best opportunity for individual time these days, though with a teenage driver helping out, the moments are becoming less common. And, if I’m not already asleep at my 8:30 p.m., I will occasionally crawl in bed with a kid and chat about his or her day. I’m not super proud of this lack of parental attention, but no one needs therapy yet, so they can’t be suffering too badly.

There you have it. Enough “Danielle Wilson” fodder for you to make it through the week, whether you’re criticizing or commiserating. Peace out!