Snapshot: Grand Junction Derby held Oct. 1

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    Despite rain, families still lined Union Street to watch the eighth-annual Grand Junction Derby Oct. 1. Kelly, Shawn and Anna McNally enjoy the event. (Photos by Anna Skinner)
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    Emily Clark and Kelley Wells display the trophies.
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    Christopher Christmas competes in a coloring contest.
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    Lane Nichols prepares to drive a derby car with Centier Assistant Branch Manager Travis Cearlock.
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    Seth McLean and Ken Schmit participate in the derby for the Humane Society of Hamilton County.
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    From left, Michael Moore, Steve Moore, Jason Gibbons and John Moore prepare to drive the Westfield Fire Dept. derby car.
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    Katie O’Daniel drives a duck derby car.
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    From left, Julie Hayden, Kimmy Nearon and John Nearon enjoy the event with pup Banjo.