Snapshot: Westfield Rocks the 4th a success at Grand Park

  • CIW-COM-0712-Rocksthe4th1
    On July 4, Westfield Rocks the 4th held its annual Fourth of July celebration at Grand Park for the first time. Previously, the event was held at Asa Bales Park. From left, Katie and Harper Quaranta and Avery and Shayla Applegate don Fourth of July attire for the celebration. (Photos by Anna Skinner)
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    Teresa and Matt Skelton enjoy the VIP area.
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    Mayor Andy Cook speaks at the event.
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    From left, Chief of Staff Todd Burtron, Barb Cook and Mayor Andy Cook pause at the event.
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    Magician Daniel Lusk with Casino Party Planners completes a magic trick.
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    Chad Huff, owner of CSI Signs, and Ken Alexander, director of Grand Park, pause in the VIP section.
  • CIW-COM-0712-Rocksthe4th7
    Alicia Gee shoots pool in the VIP section.
  • CIW-COM-0712-Rocksthe4th8
    Terry and Joy Lebo won Best in Show at the Headliner Car Show with their 1933 Willy’s.
  • CIW-COM-0712-Rocksthe4th9
    Westfield Rocks the 4th blasts fireworks off the soccer fields for those in attendance.