Snapshot: Westfield Welcome recognizes volunteers

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    On Dec. 15, Grand Park volunteers attended a recognition event at Jonathan Byrd’s Fieldhouse. Hospitality and Volunteer Coordinator Erin Shockley thanked those who volunteered throughout the year. Travis Cearlock and Hannah Martin pause by the refreshments table. (Photos by Anna Skinner)
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    Erin Shockley thanks volunteers for their hard work throughout the year.
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    Westfield Mayor Andy Cook recognizes Grand Park volunteers.
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    Michelle Krcmery attends the event.
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    Westfield City Councilors Steve Hoover, left, and Jim Ake celebrate the holidays at the event.
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    Erin and Paige Shockley welcome volunteers to the event.
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    Danyele Easterhaus and Mary Ake showcase the gifts they won.