State law change to election ballot impacts straight-party voting

Voters planning to cast a straight-party ballot in the Nov. 8 election need to be aware of changes to the general election ballot this year, which could impact their final ballot selections.

Senate Enrolled Act 61, which takes effect for the first time in the upcoming general election, requires voters to select individual candidates when voting for any at-large offices.

“Voters still have the option to cast a straight-party ballot, but it is important to note this option will not cast votes for candidates running for any at-large offices, school board positions, nor will choosing the straight-party option cast votes for any public questions,” said Debbie Walker, president, Association of Clerks of Circuit Courts of Indiana. “Voters must proceed to that position on the ballot and make their selections to cast their votes for those offices or questions.”

Walker, who also serves as Henry County Clerk of the Circuit Court added, “On behalf of all clerks of the circuit court of Indiana and the Association of Indiana Counties, we want to ensure voters are aware of this new law and do not inadvertently fail to cast their votes for at-large offices.”

Submitted release courtesy of The Association of Indiana Counties, Inc.