Vision One uses Union to start up

By Anna Skinner

Although the Union, Westfield’s first co-working space, is yet to open, start-up businesses such as Vision One Real Estate are already taking advantage of the amenities the Union offers.



Jeff Boller, broker owner of Vision One Real Estate, will be renting out an office space within the facility to launch his business.

“I saw a need for a brokerage firm here in Westfield that was focused on residential needs of the community, and I’ve had the experience to be able to do it,” Boller said. “The impetus for starting Vision One was really to give back to the community, as I’ve lived in Westfield for the entire time I’ve been in Indiana.”

Boller moved to Indiana in 2005 from Chicago and lives with his family in Westfield. He is involved in the Westfield Lions Club and has also been a member with the rotary club.

“I really love Westfield, and I feel like there’s so much opportunity to grow and be part of that growth here,” Boller said. “The Union is where my office is going to be. Vision One will be headquartered here. The Union is really a perfect place for somebody like me that is just starting out their business. This is just a great place for any business trying to get started because you can be a member and have access to the entire facility, or you can rent a private office.”

Curt Whitesell, co-owner of The Union, is working to get the co-working space up and running soon. For questions, or to reserve a membership, email

“The Union Westfield is the perfect place for a new business to have a professional presence and build a circle of influence to grow,” Whitesell said. “We want to work hard to have a great mix of resources for all stages in a company.”

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