Westfield residents purchase Greek’s Pizzeria in Zionsville

By Mark Ambrogi

Jon Wright had a unique perspective of the Greek’s Pizzeria in Zionsville before purchasing it.

Jon and Julie Wright in the Greek’s Pizzeria in Westfield. (Submitted photo)

Jon and Julie Wright in the Greek’s Pizzeria in Westfield. (Submitted photo)

“I used to help out there, covering some (manager) shifts if Mike (Cole) was on vacation or if he had another manager on vacation,” Wright said. “Zionsville was probably my favorite location before opening Westfield. I always liked the store and thought (Cole) did a good job in building it. I like the town of Zionsville as well.”

Westfield residents Wright and his wife, Julie, bought the Greek’s Pizzeria, 30 N. Main St., in Zionsville from Cole in early June. The Wrights, both 28, opened a Greek’s Pizzeria in Westfield in September 2014.

Prior to that, Wright had worked at several different Greek’s Pizzeria stores.

“I managed at Noblesville and Carmel, was just a cook at Fishers and helped out at Zionsville occasionally,” Wright said. “I was able to work with several different owners and see different management styles. I also spent time managing a Chick-fil-A in Noblesville and learned there.”

Wright said he checks in on both of his stores at least once a day if he’s not working a full shift at one.

“I usually work several shifts a week,” Wright said.

Cole and business partner Kyle Hawkins, both Zionsville residents, opened a Greek’s Pizzeria in Lebanon in June. Hawkins previously owned a Greek’s store in Bloomington and was a manager at the Zionsville location.

“I build them up and sell them,” said Cole, who opened the Zionsville Greek’s in August 2011. “I’ve done that with 12 locations. Lebanon is my 13th. I’m trying to focus on race directing and coaching. I’m trying to slow down.”

In June, Cole, 41, was the race director for the Zionsville Half Marathon. He is the organizer for the 10K and 5K races in Zionsville on Nov. 13. Cole, a former Ball State track and field and cross country  competitor, is the assistant cross country coach at Zionsville Community High School and does some private coaching. His website is run2race.com.