Westfield Washington Township summer camp registration opens April 10


By Anna Skinner

Parents will have an opportunity to sign their children up for the popular Westfield Washington Township summer camps at 9 a.m. April 10. Registration is online only, and Township Education Director Kristy White said camps sell out quickly.

“Mark your calendars before registration time because they fill up within a couple hours. That’s what I’ve been telling everybody,” White said. “I don’t know why they fill up so quickly. I think preschools do because not a lot of camps are offered for preschoolers, and the older ones are repeat customers of people who have been coming since preschool.”

White said although her camps differ in topic, she tries to maintain the summer camp feel.

“I try to keep the roots of good old-fashioned summer camp. Even though they might be cooking things, we still do outdoor play,” White said.

Township camps consist of White’s camps, township office camps and MacGregor Park camps.

Mrs. White’s Camps:

  • Young Chefs: Ages 6-8, June 6-9, June 13-16.
  • Creative Cooks: Ages 9-11, June 20-23.
  • Kids Cafe: Ages 3-5, July 11-14
  • Wild and Wacky Camp: Ages 3-5, July 17-20, July 24-27.

Township Office Camps:

  • STEM Camp: Ages 6-8 and 9-11, June 26-29.
  • Sewing Camp: Ages 8-12, July 11-13, July 18-20.

MacGregor Park Camps:

  • Animal Detectives: Ages 8-12, June 12-14.
  • Weather Center: Ages 8-12, June 20-22.
  • Astronomy: Ages 8-12, June 6-8, June 12-14.
  • Out of the Woods: Ages 8-12, June 8, July 27.

“The one I’m really excited about this year is Out of the Woods, and that’s kind of the spin-off of the adults Escape Room,” Recreation Program Coordinator Stacy London said.

Other new camps include astronomy and sewing.

For more or to register, visit westfieldwashingtontwp.us.


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