Letter: Vote “yes” on May 2



On May 2, Westfield will vote on a construction referendum for our school district. Because of the way state law works, the only way to fund one-time construction projects, such as the one we are considering, is to hold a public vote, or referendum.

We strongly encourage you to vote yes May 2.

The Westfield Washington School District has grown by 1,000 students since 2012. Construction at our intermediate, middle and high schools (in particular) is necessary to accommodate our growth.

As your elected representatives to the school board, we work hard to make decisions in the best interest of the schools, taxpayers, businesses, homeowners, teachers and, most importantly, our students. Our students deserve our best, and voting yes May 2 will help fund the additional space they need.

If you’d like to volunteer, receive a yard sign or simply learn more, please visit WestfieldYes.com.

Duane Lutz, president

Dan Degnan, vice president

Amber Willis, Secretary

Mary SeRine, board member

Amy Pictor, board member


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