Referendum on upcoming May 2 ballot 


A special election will be held May 2, and the Westfield Washington Schools are proposing a tax increase of approximately 30 cents per $100 of assessed value. This would cost $32 a month for a $250,000 home.

The ballot question will read: “Shall Westfield Washington Schools issue bonds or enter into a lease to finance the 2017 Capacity, Safety, Efficiency, Renovation and Technology project which includes the renovation of and improvements to Westfield Elementary Schools, Intermediate School, Middle School and High School, which is estimated to cost no more than $90,000,000 and is estimated to increase the property tax rate for debt service by a maximum of $.3079 per $100 of assessed valuation?”

Polling places in Westfield can be found at:

Westfield City Hall, 130 E. Penn St.

Westfield Washington Public Library, 333 W. Hoover St.

Maple Glen Elementary, 17171 Ditch Rd.

Lifepointe Church, 3233 W. 166th St.

Monon Trail Elementary, 19400 Tomlinson Rd.

St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church, 17102 Spring Mill Rd.

Washington Woods Elementary 17950 Grassy Branch Rd.

Smith Memorial Building at Union Bible College, 434 S. Union St.

Village Farms Clubhouse, 453 Greyhound Pass

Washington Township Offices, 1549 E. Greyhound Pass

Cool Creek Nature Center 2000 E. 151st St.

Centennial Meeting House, 14800 Parkhurst Dr.

Washington Woods Elementary, 17950 Grassy Branch Rd.

Oak Trace Elementary, 16504 Oak Ridge Rd.

Maple Glen Elementary 17171 Ditch Rd

New Joy Lutheran Church, 316 W. 156th St.

Shamrock Springs Elementary, 747 W. 161st St.

To determine which polling place to vote, visit



  1. Westfield Citizen on

    What I don’t understand is that, along with the population boom in Westfield, there has been a housing boom of $250,000 – $400,000+ homes. Everywhere you look new high end neighborhoods are going up. Where is all that property tax going? It seems like the additional funding for the schools due to the population influx should be proportionally offset by all the new property tax coming in.

  2. I sense a house of cards brewing in our city. Lotsa homes and lotsa people, but no businesses to support the tax base like Carmel has. Grand Park is a joke that we’ll be paying off for years to come. We are nothing but a bedroom community – albeit a nice bedroom community, but until we get some solid jobs that aren’t retail/restaurant – we are headed for a potential implosion.

  3. Scott Grady on

    Just voted “NO”, but it won’t matter because enough people will bail out Westfield again and vote “yes”. I just want one elected Westfield official to explain to me how our tax dollars have been spent to develop Grand Park yet the school funds are deficient. Instead of trying to bring soccer, baseball, and basketball kids here to play at Grand Park how about trying to lure some businesses here to help ease the pressure off of us taxpayers. Our elected officials are granting home developers permission to build on every empty space left here in Westfield, but couldn’t forward think that this will increase the strain on our schools? They knew this would happen, but spending money on soccer fields and basketball gyms are more important to them than the schools.

  4. Douglas Kyle on

    – Westfield definitely needs to add a one-time 10% tax to every new house built, in order to pay for the increased demand it will place on the schools and infrastructure. Westfield also needs to build a campus on the west side of US-31 to deal with the children on that side of the highway. Plus SR-32 is un-safe and desperately needs to be 4-lanes. This should have all been done years ago. The city council needs to hire somebody that can get things done.

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