Column: 3 steps to an incredible outdoor living space

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Commentary by Randy Sorrell

If only it were that easy … three steps. There are virtually hundreds of micro decisions that get vetted in the discovery/design process that I have conveniently nestled in these three miraculous steps to guide the process.


Most importantly, tell us your story! How do you hope to use your new patio? Is it a place for you to escape after a long day at the office? Or a place where your family gathers to heal, create memories and celebrate life? What’s the size of a typical gathering? How do you entertain? Need space for a grill? What type of furniture? And the list continues.

So, what’s your story? Let us know how you want it to feel.  The more personal, the better. Let the emotions and stories flow and imagine how driven we become once we feel the connection. Imagine how compelled installation teams become when they realize the intent of the space.


We all have “issues” that need addressed. Some are more critical than others. The range is diverse from creating shade, enhancing privacy and working with drainage. Budget always creeps into the conversation, as it should. What about easements, access, ease of steps for hip replacements and aging in-place thoughts.


Gather pictures of outdoor spaces that evoke the imagined feel of your new space and then let’s play “show and tell.”  Amazing what we can discover by looking at pictures and talking through them. Houzz and Pinterest are wonderful tools.

Welcome to your incredible outdoor living space, one that tells your story, answers your considerations and creates the vibe you’ve always dreamed of!