Do Good Indy organization to benefit Exodus Refugee Immigration through Rail Epicurean program

By Anna Skinner

Although it’s only operated less than six months, Do Good Indy is already making an impact. The nonprofit has hosted multiple supply drives to benefit other organizations, and March 21 to 23 it will be the recipient of its first dine-to-donate program through the Rail Epicurean Market in Westfield.

From left, Christie Koester, Emily Miller, Stephanie Sasena, Jessica O’brien and Katie Swaney are the founders of Do Good Indy. (Submitted photo)

Fifteen percent of sales from the event go toward Exodus Refugee Immigration. Diners must present a flier, available on Do Good Indy’s Facebook page, for their payment to benefit the organization.

Five mothers launched Do Good Indy last November.

“I guess as mothers we feel inclined to want to better our community and make it a happier place for our children,” said Jessica “Jazzy” O’Brien, one of the co-founders. “After the last presidential election, we felt like we wanted to put a little more kindness out to the universe since we are somewhat divided currently.”

The program is new to the Rail Epicureanl. Its community outreach program benefitted one other organization, the Heart and Soul Clinic in Westfield, but co-owner Melanie Miles said she the program will elicit a larger turnout.

“We designed it so that we could help a lot more organizations in our community,” Miles said. “We have five or six more (dine-to-donate events) set up through July. We felt limited in resources and wanted to do more, so that’s why we started this program.”

Other organizations the restaurant is aiding with its Community Outreach Program include Shamrock Springs Elementary School, Student Impact, Fairbanks and others.

“If this is successful, we would love to do more dine-to-donate (events),” O’Brien said. “This is a great way to raise funds for local organizations.”

Previously, Do Good Indy held supply drives to support organizations. It features a different organization each month.

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