Grand Park Sports Complex generates $145 million in visitor spending last year

According to a press release sent to Current, a recent economic development analysis found that Grand Park Sports Complex in Westfield is responsible for $92 million in new development already built or under construction, and $491 million of developments already approved or currently in the planning process.

New developments focus on the hospitality industry, such as the 153-room Cambria Hotel and Suites to the south of Grand Park on 186thh Street. Other new developments focus on food, and Noble Romans Craft Pizza & Pub chose Westfield as its first location because of Grand Park’s proximity.

“When choosing a location for our very first Noble Roman’s Craft Pizza & Pub, we wanted a premier site, and Westfield was tops on our list,” stated Scott Mobley, president and CEO of Noble Roman’s. “Grand Park made this an easy decision. We knew they would be drawing great crowds that were a perfect fit for what we have to offer.”

Westfield’s third economic development study was recently completed by independent-firm Applied Economics, and it found there were 1.9 million visits to Grand Park last year with an economic impact of $244 million.

The study found Grand Park Sports Complex was responsible for 60,103 hotel room nights that generated $145 million in visitor spending. Visitors contributed $9.3 million in state sales tax revenues.

“The purpose of Grand Park Sports Campus is to establish youth sports as the industry in Westfield and stimulate private development in the city,” Westfield Mayor Andy Cook stated. “It’s exciting to see the numbers demonstrate that the park is fulfilling these intended goals.”

To view the full economic impact study, visit

  • Westfield Citizen

    And yet Grand Park (taxpayers) appear to be losing over $3,000,000 a year. Over 1.9 million visitors to the park last year, and yet a restaurant couldn’t survive onsite? Something isn’t adding up here.

    • Malik Monk

      and yet those numbers are being pulled out of your ***. and if you’re talking about Johnathan byrd’s as the “restaurant” that “failed” then you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about

      • Westfield Citizen

        You refuted none of the figures only attacked the messenger. Did Grand Park make money last year or did it lose 3 million as reported by the IBJ? If 145 million in revenue has been generated it seems like we would be flush with cash from taxes yet the schools are seeking additional money through a referendum just to meet the needs. You lose, good day sir.

        • Malik Monk

          You clearly don’t understand how economics works do you? You’re also still citing IBJ, who has been caught multiply times blatantly lying in their “news articles”. Lol you’re a joke, please continue on about how I “lost”, I’m in need of a good laugh.

          • Westfield Citizen

            You mad bro?

          • Malik Monk

            LOL even proving my point farther that you’re just a troll

    • Malik Monk

      lol at the fact that you sited the “news” article IBJ. maybe the most liberal site possible that actually doesn’t research any facts and just publishes anything they feel will stir up controversy.

    • Malik Monk

      I also guarantee that this “westfield citizen” is a troll that lives in carmel or fishers where they have actual problems to worry about

  • Common Sense

    I must say, I, too, am wondering where all this “revenue” is going as mentioned in the linked article. I don’t understand economics, but I can do simple math and I feel I know when a fiscal report is full of sunshine and rainbows.

  • Douglas Kyle

    — Some people complain about the taxes and spending. When we were at the age of 25-35, then most borrowed money for our cars and houses. We needed, dishes, drapes, beds, and furniture. It was an expensive time to live. We spent allot of money, but now the house and cars are paid off. We aren’t buying dishes, drapes, beds, and furniture. Our spending is lower …. the same goes for a young city like Westfield. They are building schools and parks. They are buying the stuff they need. It will all get paid off later, and their spending will come down to a better level. It is just how things work. Xoxo.