Letter: Charge a premium to new builders


We moved to Westfield eight years ago. The schools have kept us here. This was the first year I had a child out of elementary school and over at the intermediate school. The kids over there are packed like sardines. Making the school bigger, simply so the children can spread out, is not the solution. There are simply too many kids in upper grade schools. Due to the number of students, the ability to provide accurate supervision is impossible. Morning drop off is horrendous. To know that those lines will just keep getting bigger and bigger is discouraging. Nine times out of 10, that I drop my child off, no adult is present. I have tried to call administration and it is impossible to reach anyone. I just think there are simply too many kids in one building.

I think the better solution is to snatch up some land and build multiple schools. I know the cost is higher for this option and here is how I propose we offset it. We need to charge a premium to builders who desire to build in Westfield. That premium can go towards the infrastructure increase that we so desperately need. There is no need to tax us more for a short-term solution. Adding to the buildings will not solve the problems of bullying, sexual assault, supervision and packed classrooms.

After one year at the intermediate school, I have lost faith in the educators in the upper grades. We are pulling our children from Westfield schools once they reach the fifth grade. The quality of education in my opinion plummeted. We are herding children like cows instead of investing in their education.

Abbi Penn

  • bob

    Sorry you feel that way Abbi! Hope you are more satisfied at an even more crowded Noblesville, or even more crowded than that Fishers or HSE, OR even more crowded Carmel. Good luck finding a school system around here that isn’t crowded and that can compete with Westfield’s top 5 school system in the state. Glad you thought this through! You could move up to Sheridan where it’s less crowded, but then again your kids won’t actually learn anything and will hate you as a parent for the rest of your life. If it wasn’t for Westfield’s rigorous curriculum while I was in intermediate, middle, and high school here, I might not have gone to Purdue and be the successful product engineer that I am today. As much as I hated it while I was in school back in those days, I look back on it and truly appreciate everything Westfield was able to provide me with. But no good for you Abbi! Hope the best for you and seriously glad you thought all of this through.

    • Susie Pettijohn

      Wow, Bob. Pretty snobby criticism of Sheridan. Over the past 50 years I’ve known a lot of honors students graduating from Sheridan and guess what – many of them graduated from Purdue. A lot of very fine people live in Sheridan, and several of them my relatives. Funny thing, 50 years ago the Carmel snobs looked down their noses at anyone living in Westfield, called us kids and our parents a bunch of hicks. Same ignorant snobbish behavior you display. Big does not mean better.

      • Malik Monk

        Who in the world are you talking to?? I think you’re losing your mind. Lol I find it funny that white trash westfield is arguing about who is more white trash. Westfield and sheridan are both disgusting places and it’s a shame to be considered in the same county as you

  • HeatherE

    Our experience at the Intermediate school has been the same as Abbi’s and numerous other people have shared the same concerns. Yes, Westfield does have good scores now but no one can guarantee they will stay that way. There are other alternatives, some with smaller schools and better test scores, that may take a longer drive or other sacrifices. As parents, we have to look at what is best for our own children, even when these decisions are disappointing and difficult. We’ve been very disappointed with WIS and agree with Abbi’s opinion that making schools bigger is not the answer. They can’t adequately supervise the number they currently have at WIS.

    • Malik Monk

      Didn’t ask you Westfield trash. Get out of Hamilton county. It sickens me that you are our neighbors. Westfield is the white trash of hamilton county.

  • Douglas Kyle

    — Westfield definitely needs to add a one-time 10% tax to every new house built, in order to pay for the increased demand it will place on the schools and infrastructure. Westfield also needs to build a campus on the west side of US-31 to deal with the children on that side of the highway. Plus SR-32 is un-safe and desperately needs to be 4-lanes. This should have all been done years ago. The city council needs to hire somebody that can get things done.