Opinion: Bring on voter IDs

We would urge President Donald Trump to forego the deep and broad investigation into voter fraud, whose results won’t change a darned thing – except perhaps allow him bragging rights on the popular vote – and instead opt for immediate institution of a voter identification card, which was a reported goal. That should go a long way toward settling the issue. It’s probably not perfect, but dead guys probably can’t sign up for an ID, and the person with multiple addresses across state lines would have to choose one. Besides, a lengthy investigation will do nothing except bring an “I told you so” if Trump’s suspicions are confirmed or an “Oops, it was worth a shot” if nothing is proved. What would be guaranteed, though, is an expenditure of taxpayer dollars on the effort, and those dollars would be spent much more wisely on another pursuit, such as studying the effects of expediently reducing corporate and personal income tax. Yep, we could get on board with that. It would make everyone happier than they are today.

* * *

You might know by now that we are not fans of much of the mainstream media. So imagine our ire when it was disclosed that outlets are taking vicious potshots at Trump’s youngest son, 10-year-old Barron. That kid – even Chelsea Clinton spoke up on his behalf – should be allowed to live as normal a gold-plated existence as possible. He didn’t suggest his mom and dad become president and first lady. Leave him alone, media twits, and go report – truthfully – on other aspects of the presidency. You know, kinda like you didn’t do with respect to our former president, Barack Obama?