Opinion: Let’s just see if this works

We’re perplexed by all the angst associated with President Donald Trump’s demeanor and Twitter finger since the election. We kept hearing that once he captured the nomination, Trump would pivot to a personality more fitting of the nominee of a major political party. It’s Trump. Why should he change? His “style” has brought him this far. Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and the rest ran traditional campaigns, and they lost. We said Trump was the only Republican capable of beating Clinton (although we believed she would win). If nothing else, he would throw her off her game, which is exactly what happened. It always was difficult to argue his view that much of our government is run by incompetents. We do take solace in Trump’s cabinet picks, however. In fact, we find some inspirational, such as Rex Tillerson for secretary of state and Betsy DeVos for secretary of education, among others. We simply don’t understand why everyone is so afraid of Trump’s perceived lack of experience and “smarts.” He was smart enough, apparently, to defeat the entire GOP field (granted, a low bar), beat the Clinton and former President Barack Obama machines, and, thankfully, finally relegate the Bushes to the sidelines. Remember, Obama gave us Clinton and John Kerry as secretaries of state. How did that work out? This election was all about change. Similar to former President Bill Clinton’s brilliant “It’s the economy, stupid” line to remind his team why they were running, Trump talked endlessly about “bulldozing the status quo.” While he’s doing that, his supporters are going to give him all the leeway he needs to accomplish his goals. If he doesn’t, he’s a one-termer. At best.