Opinion: Trump misses an opportunity

At the recent Golden Globes Awards, cinematic icon Meryl Streep unleashed a torrent of invective goop on President-elect Donald Trump. She had just won the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement and took the occasion to lash out at Trump, renouncing his campaign rhetoric and criticizing him for mocking a disabled reporter during the campaign. Note: No mention of the abduction, beating and semi-scalping of the mentally disabled Chicagoan by thugs. Sigh. Her dime, her dance floor, we suppose. The really troubling element from that saga was Trump taking to Twitter to fire back with name-calling. Opportunity missed. He should have ignored it. Under the First Amendment she is entitled to her opinion (not that we agree with it or the “safe space” venue in which she chose to exercise it), and, second, silence would have been golden. Aren’t there more important issues at hand, soon-to-be Mr. President, than yet another Hollywood liberal going off against you? Let. It. Go. Stop Twitter bombing at every opportunity. We do, though, kind of like your notion to break news via your Twitter account instead of in the liberal, mainstream media; they’ll make it up, anyway. But the flame throwing must cease. If, truly, it’s a new dawn in America, Trump needs to prove it by being presidential in every single way; well, not in the Clinton way, but we digress. That thing about sticks and stones should be embedded in his memory. We have no clue what he hoped to accomplish with his 140-character (plus) dance. Every task at hand is far more important than firing back at an entertainment lefty running off at the mouth.