Snapshot: Westfield students compete in Lego challenge

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    On April 27, more than 30 elementary students competed in a Lego competition sponsored by the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis. The competition took place at Oak Trace Elementary School, and two-member teams had 45 minutes to create a Lego structure. Judges from the construction industry, local builders and landscapers assessed the structures. Pictured, two Washington Woods Elementary teams compete in the Lego challenge. From left, Kendall Gapinski, Rylan Wheeler, Jeri Edwards, Jennifer Sawa, Michael Poulter and Juan Demasco-Velazquez. (Photos by Anna Skinner)
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    Judges evaluate a structure. From left, Eli Turner, Nigel Hoss, Nathan Custer, Steve Lains and Max Hammond.
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    Eli LaRosa, left, and Gabe Willis pause by their finished structure.